Hello, everyone! 

So the rumors are true. We have rearranged the den to make room for it.: THE GREEN SCREEN (cue heavenly choir)! If you’re wondering where I’ve been, my computer committed suicide about a month ago, so writing has pretty much been me scribbling on one of those yellow legal pads… I’m trying to figure out what to do about a computer—I try to use Matt’s when he isn’t here… when he is, he plays WoW. There’s just nothing I can do but sit back, wait for him to hit rock bottom… he’ll only quit when he gets ready to.

Regardless, there are more videos coming. I promise. I’ve uploaded Simply Terrible Dance Moves 2 into Final Cut, and I’ve started making some decisions for re-editing our very first skit, “The Drifter”. Making sort of a directors cut of that, if you will since we, in our infinite ignorance believed we could get away with using copyrighted music throughout the entire video. Ah, to be young again!

This week, we’re filming a brand new video, but I won’t tell you what it is. I will say that it is a parody of a movie that is currently in theaters.
As for the Halloween Special, we came up with some great stuff, but it was just too expensive and time-consuming to make it for Halloween. Maybe next year?

Thank you guys for your continued support! Your comments and messages really mean a lot! When I was growing up, my mother was never one of those moms to say, “Stop encouraging him!” when I would act up. She was usually the first one laughing. So I think it’s safe to say that both she and I implore you, “Keep encouraging us!” and share us with your friends!


Published by David C. Roberson

Podcaster | Writer | Illustrator | Photographer | Video Creator I am the creator and founder of Maladjusted Productions. I host the podcasts DC on SCREEN, Star Trek Universe, and Breaking Bond.

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