New Challenges, New Direction, New Videos!!!

It has been quite a while since I sent out an update for the fans. Things have been stagnate at best, but rest assured that life still remains in the mal-nourished Maladjusted Productions! Money has been tight, and equipment has failed me time and again. Besides that, a Maladjusted staple, Matt Carroll has pulled his hat out of the ring to focus on his music. Those of you who are friends with him most probably know about his bands Brother Starfoot and Matt Carroll and the Browncoats as well as his open mic nights. If you don’t know, then go befriend him and find out! You won’t be sorry you did. Maladjusted Productions wishes him well, and who knows? We might see his hand at work in another video someday. 

For the past few months, I have been trying to pull the pieces of Maladjusted out of the burnt embers of stagnation, and folks, I think I have a phoenix on my hands. I have in my possession a fresh stack of new scripts written by yours truly. And even some written by an eager young buck named Jason Goss. I hope you guys get to meet him soon. We have some fun ideas that are unlike anything Maladjusted Productions has done before! A new direction is coming! In the meantime, thank you for being the supportive fans that you are! Give us a boost, and suggest to your friends that they like Maladjusted Productions!

David C. Roberson, Maladjusted Productions

Published by David C. Roberson

Writer/Director/Actor I created and run Maladjusted Productions, a small video production company that creates sketch comedy and web series.

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