Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

Get: Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

Henry Cavill looks to be back for multiple DC films, Snyder’s Justice League seems to need much more than $30 million to complete, plus our Lantern Spectrum alignment, and other listener questions!

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On this episode: *New Apple Podcasts Contest *HBO Officially Uses DCEU Designation *Henry Cavill Looks to be Back as Superman with Complications *Snyder’s Justice League Will Cost More Than $30 Million *Henry Cavill May Need to Film Reshoots *More Knightmare Sequences Are Coming *How Snyder Influenced Suicide Squad *How BvS and Deadpool Changed Suicide Squad *Cathy Yan Knows Ayer’s Pain *James Gunn Supports Ayer Cut *John Murphy is Scoring The Suicide Squad *Wonder Woman 1984 Pushed to August *WB in Talks with Margot Robbie About a New Harley Quinn Film? *The Batman Likely to Begin Shooting Again Soon *HBO Max DC Originals Will Have Much Bigger Budget Than CW Shows *J.J. Abrams Pitched Justice League Dark Himself *Doom Patrol Is Currently the Only DC Universe Series Moving to HBO Max *Supergirl Season 5 Is Now on Netflix *Lucifer Star Tom Ellis Officially Returning For Season 6 on Netflix *Must There Be a Superman? *The Truth About the Pipeline Toilets *Someone’s Listening to All Our Old Episodes! *Brent Can’t Refute Our Flash Opinions *What Spectrum of the Lantern Corps Do We Align With Most? *What Are the Weakest Seasons of The Flash *Should DCCW Lower Episode Counts? *Can Superman Beat Flash? *How Likely is Swamp Thing Season 2 on CW? *DC Band: Giving Our 4-man Line Up

                    source http://www.dconscreen.com/2020/06/henry-cavill-in-talks-for-multiple-dc.html

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