I’d Blow The F***ing Thing Up!

I'd Blow The F***ing Thing Up! |DC on SCREEN Podcast

Get: I’d Blow The F***ing Thing Up!

Justice Con has happened.

Check it out here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmbXef0QoqdIfcXUMj_DD7A 

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On this episode: Zack Says The Runtime Will be Longer Than 214 | The Snyder Cut is Separate From What We Now Consider The DCEU | How Snyder is Editing in Quarantine | Zack Revealed Black Suit Superman Meeting Alfred | Zack Snyder Reveals When Justice League Teaser Trailer Will Debut | Justice League: Zack Snyder Says Legal Issues May Force His Cut to Be Renamed | Zack Snyder Reveals When We’ll Find Out if Justice League Is a Movie or Series | Zack Snyder Says He’s Finishing the Justice League Snyder Cut for Free | Justice League Director Zack Snyder Refuses to Use Footage Shot by Joss Whedon | Zack Says The Whole Thing was Shot in Imax Ratio 1:43:1 | Zack Snyder Addresses Green Lantern’s Justice League Debut | Zack Snyder Reveals If It Was His Decision to Leave Justice League | Batman v Superman Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan on DCEU Return: “We’ll See” | Justice League Star Ray Fisher Says Joss Whedon Is “Probably Scared” of the Truth Getting Out | Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Production Reportedly Delayed Until 2021 | Black Adam Casts Noah Centineo As Atom Smasher Opposite Dwayne The Rock Johnson | AT&T Releases HBO Max Nmbers | Birds of Prey Is Coming to HBO Max in August | Batman Movies Returning to HBO Max Next Month | Sandman Not Throwing Things Out | Netflix’s The Sandman Series Aiming for October Production Start | DC Universe Ends Yearly Subscriptions |

                    source http://www.dconscreen.com/2020/07/id-blow-fing-thing-up.html

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                    Podcaster | Writer | Illustrator | Photographer | Video Creator I am the creator and founder of Maladjusted Productions. I host the podcasts DC on SCREEN, Star Trek Universe, and Breaking Bond.

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