Maladjusted Productions is a small video production company founded by David C. Roberson.  We produce off-beat comedy skits, parodies, short film, and web series among other (more random) things.


Maladjusted Productions originally began as Eyowzitgoin’? Productions in 2006 when David C. Roberson began writing a feature-length film that, due to monetary and personnel restraints, was never finished.  Only one scene of the film was ever shot.  When production on the film fell through, David edited the footage to fit a short comedy sketch called, The Drifter.  The original edit of this sketch is one of two comedy sketches to feature the Eyowzitgoin’? Productions moniker, which they share with The Curmudgeon’s Perspective, when it was originally released online.  Only The Shake still retains the original name and logo.

In 2007, David C. Roberson took the advice of long-time friends and participants Matt Carroll and Spencer Roeder in changing the name of the production company to something more memorable.  David then changed the name to Maladjusted Productions before relocating the company from Montgomery, Alabama to Birmingham.


In 2007, when Matt Carroll expressed interest in working with David C. Roberson, a logo was devised to represent Eyowzitgoin’? Productions.

Original Logo by David C. Roberson
Original Logo by David C. Roberson (2007)

When the company changed to Maladjusted Productions, David designed yet another logo, this time a three-part logo to be seen in linear sequence, ending with a distorted voice-over from David C. Roberson screaming the company’s tag-line, “Are you Maladjusted?”

Second Logo by David C. Roberson
Maladjusted Productions Logo # 2 (2007)
Unused Alternate Logo by David C. Roberson

This logo appeared from 2009 to 2012, and was created by Spencer Roeder in 2008:

Current Logo
Maladjusted Productions Logo by Spencer Roeder


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