First Post

After months of having a wordpress account, I finally dive in. I am not a stranger to blogging.  I was, for many years, an avid blogger on live journal, but as Stephen King so beautifully articulated in his Dark Tower series,”the world has moved on.” So it is that while I am an aspiring writer, […]

New Video: Boomerang

This is a video that I helped out on in that I played the butler. The video was conceived and directed by Matt Carroll. It stars Spencer Roeder, Tamara Spann, and myself as the Butler.

The Drifter

The Drifter Written by David C. Roberson Directed by David C. Roberson & Matt Carroll Edited by David C. Roberson Starring David C. Roberson Spencer Roeder Ashley Roberson Nick Munkachy Conor Munkachy as The Drifter

I Told You It Was Coming… The Drifter is Online!

After what seems like an eternity, The Drifter is edited and online! What was to be a strange, dark full-length movie has turned into a strange, dark short film/comedy sketch… I hope you guys enjoy it, and subscribe to my youtube account! Written by David C. Roberson Directed by David C. Roberson & Matt Carroll […]

The Cold Has Arrived

I’m sitting in the second floor computer room in Taylor Center out here at AUM. I’m wearing this gray, zip-up hoodie–it’s annoying as the sleeves are too short for my Frankenstein monster-like arms. The first chill of the season has arrived, and I find that I’m not exactly looking forward to the cold as I […]


So. I’m really jazzed about a couple of projects coming up. I don’t want to say too much about them now, but I’ll hopefully be done with one project very soon, and maybe I’ll even get a couple more done. Who knows? Maybe this is a new stage of productivity for the Dave? Major things […]

Nothing A Good Night’s Rest Won’t Settle

Interesting projects are on the horizon… Started writin’ a movie, but another movie came up first, so it’s time for another documentary! Been writing that… Goin’ to Birmingham tomorrow to see friends and work on editing the short film…

Six Hours to Edit One Minute of Film

My brain is burning. Like literally. My head is killing me, and yet I still listen to Kid A by Radiohead at really loud volumes. I’ve been listening to loud music all day, like music cranked up to insane volumes, from Bob Dylan to Tom Petty to Taj Mahal to The Grateful Dead to David […]