Episode #01: Free Bird!

Episode # 02: Lips of an Angel

Episode # 03: The State of Star Trek

Episode # 04: OMG! Girls Cain’t Read!

Episode # 05: Point, Counterpoint – I Hate the Beach

Episode # 06: The Drunk Dialing

Episode # 07: Knocked Up Review (Cell Phones in Movies)

Episode # 08: What Is A Soul Mate?

Episode # 09: How To Prevent Blue Balls

Episode # 10: The Girlfriend Situation

Episode # 11: Racism

Episode # 12: Family Frankenstein

Episode # 13: 10 Questions Answered

Episode # 14: Do NOT Watch This Video! (In Between Edits)

Episode # 15: Addictions

Coming Soon

Episode # 16: I Think

Episode # 17: I Think II

Curmudgeon Quick Clip: Kanye & Obama Forever


Episode # 01: Miley! Justin! Lohan! Auburn Trees!

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  1. I found this series just yesterday and I watched them all. They are pretty good, ain’t you doing any more of these? I loved the Knocked Up Review one, I used to go to the theatre with incredibly loquacious people, it was definitely annoying to me, so I’m not in that shit any more.

    I found about you looking up how to properly watch Star Trek (I’m quite noob, yes…). I was going to start with TMP, but then I thought that I may wanted to do it right, so I run across your article in squidoo. It is rather nice that somebody took its time doing such a guide, the ST universe is bigger that I ever thought. So thanks for that.

    Regards, Revenaunt

    1. Hi! Thanks for saying they are pretty good. I haven’t done a Curmudgeon’s Perspective since 2011. I did only one episode then, and before that, it had been something like 4 years. I’ve been trying to decide how I want to proceed with the series, honestly. I have an idea of how I want to do it, and I think I’ll actually start back soon. I have a ton of other videos I would like to do, too. We’ll see how that all plays out. To keep informed, I would suggest subscribing to this site either by e-mail or RSS Feed.

      Also, I’m glad you liked my squidoo page:-) I’m a huge Trekkie, and I knew that some people had questions as to how to watch! Glad I could help!

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