Baby Headbutts Girl in the Face!

Baby Elijah headbutts his aunt right in the face!

Hey Guy! | Episode 100: Ultimum Suum Verbum In Diem (SERIES FINALE)

“The problem isn’t that you’ve made poor decisions in your life. The problem is that you’ve made poor decisions in our lives!” by David C. Roberson Jason Goss Brandon Davis Jeff Hunt Spencer Roeder

The Maladjusted Family Just Got A Little Bigger…

  I’m not much for sentimentality, generally speaking. However in this case, I’m making an exception. In March of 2006, I wanted to make a feature-length film. I had most of a script written, and because of scheduling conflicts, I decided on a whim to write in one very weird scene. Within 48 hours of […]

Hey Guy! Season 4 Announcement!

Hey Guy! Season 4 will be uploaded in its entirety on December 20, 2012.  The new season will not be without changes.  As with every season of Hey Guy!, there will be a new location, but this season offers a change in cast as well.  Joining David C. Roberson (me) in Season 4 will be […]

Hey Guy! Getting the Band Back Together

Hi, folks. Just some exciting news.  All previous cast members of Hey Guy! have agreed to come back for a final season.  I’m not sure how many seasons in that will be, but it will likely be season 5.  Thought you all might like to know, but it’s quite a long while a way.  No […]

New Video: Boomerang

This is a video that I helped out on in that I played the butler. The video was conceived and directed by Matt Carroll. It stars Spencer Roeder, Tamara Spann, and myself as the Butler.